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We focus on providing families with interactions that are empowering and strength building Fellowships with families going through similar challenges. Building a community where parents gain strength, encouragement and empowerment.


Empowering parents through various means that build strength in connections, mental resiliency, and longevity of the future of their families. 


Providing parents with safe spaces that allows for repowering of mental and emotional stress within a community of positive energy and understanding. 

Building bridges of collaboration with organizations at every level. Through events, webinars and advocacy for a better system for our children. 

All Hands In


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Certified as;
Certified Peer Support- Parent First Aid Seizures, Mental Adult & Youth

NAMI Peer 2 Peer Facilitator 
Gradate of;
Project Launch Par
ent Academy
GACan Epic Advocacy Training

Why & What we do

Why Families Future Empowerment Coalition    As a parent of a child who is deemed medical fragile I know all to much the stress and challenges that parents can face. From trying to get care, to living through their little challenges of growing up. 

    Here at Families Future Empowerment

Coalition, we are driven by a single goal;

to do our part in making the world a

better place for all.  We strive to build

productive relationships and make a

positive impact with all of our pursuits.

We let this fuel our passion to advocate for

our parents and their children, as well

provide training and support groups. There

is never a time like now when we all need

to band together and make changes

within the communities, neighborhoods and

even the homes in which we raise our children. I personally thank everyone who

attend our meetings and who

take the time to visit or contact us.

Lets build a world where our children can

find empowerments through the bridges we build together.

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L. Spikes, CPS-P,CEO

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Who I am

US Army Combat Veteran

Volunteer Parent with Parent 2 Parent of GA


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