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Let your family 

"No says a parent is always an easy combination or even easy, yet family is always built on love from parent to child."©cajunpassion


A single five letter that says so much. For many family isn't about genetic similarities, but about sharing a bound stronger then that. And for some of us family is about volunteering to be there for a child in need . Which ever way in which a family is structure comes to be. We are provide support the  that family . 

How do we provide support to this various family structures. We provide peer lead support groups, training, and resources.

" Family isn't about what you are born into but connections in which we make with others." unknown

Remember this 

F-fired up tp fight beside you

A- amped for your success 

M- makes the smiles while holding through the tears

I-In for the long nights, even when there are fights

L- Love stronger than any force & deeper than any Ocean

Y- Your family through it all 

Loving without Reserve

Words from the CEO""

Fostering is stepping up

 through the smoke and pain

 when a child has endured so much

Allowing them into an environment with

openness in your heart

Willing to give them love.

Holding the of hope for them 

even if their stay is temporary.

Yet you love them 

showing them compassion

welcoming them into your family

while giving them the courage to find

a positive path into their own futures

(c) cajunpassion  

 A group to support the community helpers who give the warmth of their hearts and homes to youth in our community. While many may not understand the challenges and what it takes, but even you should have support. Come find support and community for you.


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Embracing Light

Soul Parenting

Words from the CEO


Being a single parent isn't about having a solo act. yet the bonds, strength and community that is built around them" ©cajunpassion

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Starting in Spring 2025

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