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Rising in the Fall 2024

The In Between

Having a motivation to reach for the stars can be dream many don't chase. But when those stars are a higher education or owning a business. The challenges can piling on. We know all to well the challenges and stress of finding balance a peer support group for those motivated to reach beyond the limits and challenge their abilities. 

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Entrepreneurial Parent

The dream of business ownership is higher than mountains. For those with the entrepreneurial spirit is not a matter of if but what and when. yet fighting against that spirit can be overwhelming.

While embracing it can sometimes feel like a battle of choice between family and being an entrepreneur. Balance does not come in longer hours and solitude, but in community. 

          In ENTREPRENEURAL PARENT we build that community and learn the balance together. 

" A dreamer is only as productive as a dream. While an entrepreneur is a dreamer in a doers body. And an entrepreneurial parent is a trainer of world changers of tomorrow's ecomonics" ©cajunpassion

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E-Rise Parent 

There is nothing more rewarding to being able to pursue a higher degree of learning from certifications to associate degrees, to PH.D the joy of completing college. Yet the challenge of being a parent while working on this achievement provides for its own challenges. Let's reach higher together. 

" While life provides a Doctrine in learning, and college provides a degree to live differently. Yet when coupled with parenting provides a masters degree in resiliency" cajunpassion

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