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Unsung Heroes 

In the mist of serving in the military we all hear about the sacrifice in which all service members make. Yet no one talks about the those who serve in the national or coast guards or reserve components. Many never know or understand balancing a daily life that can be interrupted with a split moment deployment into a national disaster or even a state of emergency like those in the national guard. Or understand the risk in which those in the coast guard make everyday defending our borders and waters. Or even the challenges in which reservist faces when life is suddenly activated into a wartime or war zones. 

Yet not many consider how this is coupled with being a parent. A parent that is considered military to fight and die but not enough to be educated about resources. Many times these heroes find they have no resources available or that they have even been excluded from them.

However with all this in mind these heroes and families still serve this country. And even when becoming a veteran and their time in uniform  ends they continue to fight for those they love everyday.

And this is why VETERAN PARENT is here to stand too through the storm. Providing resources and parent support until the children leave on and beyond. 

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We got your six battle. Come share your challenges in parenting with us. 

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" Just like in the military someone is always your battle buddy. We won't leave a parent behind." © cajunpassion

We got your six battle. Come share your challenges in parenting with us. 


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