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Let's share the challenges and joys of parenting together            


  Our meetings are being help via zoom. Some meeting will be transitioning into in person and hybrid options in 2023. 



      Parenting is a range of emotions,

       many seasons with a day in a sorts 

      but the most rewarding and fulfilling 

       for one to experience

        Its through the triumps, laughter, 

          and tears 

    In which our groups are formed






 General Group  

Women Holding Hands


This general parent support group does not just focus on general discussion, and uplifting but also providing parents with a chance to all fellowship, network and provide empowerment for the next few weeks. 

" The true empowerment of a family and child comes in the empowerment of the parent"                cajunpassion

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Speclaized Support Group Categories 

A group that doesn't define veteran based on disability percentage or time on active duty. 

This support group are for the veterans of all branches and the unsung heroes still serving. We welcome our sisters and brothers of all reservist, national and coast guard. 

 Come find your battle   buddy of Parenting 

A variety of groups for various mental and mental health challenges. Ranging from Neurological to multi-diagnosed. We provide a group to fellowship. 

Come lay your take a breathe.

So many times those who welcome and open their hearts as foster or adoptive parent or siblings who take in their younger goes unnoticed. We have a group for that. Providing support to those who go beyond the call. 

Come find your strength

Above the call.jpg

Starting a business or going to college comes with so many obstacles and challenges that sometimes it can seem impossible, Yet when your a parent it becomes a balancing act. Our group help attendee with finding a balance along others climbing the ladder.

Come rise higher

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Families Future Empowerment Coalition support groups are not an alternative to mental health services or medical professional.

Our groups are confidential , safe spaces for parents. Groups are lead by verified and training peer leaders under the direction of a certified peer support parent.

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